Assembly and Commissioning

After dispatch and arrival of goods at customer site the installation and commissioning of LPG plant will have to take place. On request the FAS-SERVICE-TEAM supports and carries out corresponding service on site.

Installation and commissioning can be offered for following LPG plants:

  • Autogas filling stations
  • Fuel Gas filling stations
  • Biogas Plants (LPG range)
  • LPG terminals
  • LPG vaporizer systems
  • LPG loaindg arm stations
  • LPG compressors and compressor units
  • LPG pump units and pump stations
  • Storage tank systems
  • Pipework assembly
  • Bulk container plants
  • Domestic storage tank plants
  • Electrical control systems
  • Tank tests on bulk container units
  • Reconstruction / renewal of old plants
  • Disassembly / shutdown incl. professional removal

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