DME-Refuelling stations & DME-Dispensers

Renewable DME (rDME)

DME (dimethyl ether) - is a safe, clean-burning, sustainable fuel that can support defossilisation. What is renewable DME? Dimethyl ether is a single molecule that can be manufactured from a wide range of renewable resources. DME is chemically similar to propane and butane, and is gaseous at room temperature and pressure. Like LPG, it is easy to transport as a liquid. rDME can reduce emissions by up to 85% compared to diesel and heating oil DME has been used as an aerosol in the chemical sector for over 50 years. Other uses include fuel, domestic use and industrial heating.

DME-refuelling stations from FAS Flüssiggas-Anlagen GmbH

Complete systems for public and internal applications; DME dispenser type FAS designed according to customer specifications complete with an above ground storage tank up to 4,850 L and all necessary fittings/equipment mounted, piped, wired, primed and painted on a galvanized base frame

  • Overfill protection, type CL or comparable. Optionally with or without level measurement
  • Filling line-tank equipped with ball valve, solenoid valve, non-return valve (2 pcs)
  • Solenoid valve explosion-proof DN 25 PN 40, 230 V, 50 Hz
  • Ebsray pump unit type RC 25 for DME, PN 25, Flow rate: max. 90 L/min at 2990 rpm, three-phase motor 2.5 kW, EEx e II T3, 400/690V, 50 Hz,
  • Overflow valve type RV18-CBS10 (Vapour-Removal-System), 1" NPT-IG, with return to the gas phase of the container
  • Protection against dry running by means of electrical power measurement
  • with a breakaway coupling in the pressure line of the delivery device
  • including galvanized fire protection sheet for sealing off the container connection fittings


  • With declaration of conformity and CE marking (CE 2266) according to DGRL 2014/68/EU, evaluation according to category IV module H1

DME-dispenser from FAS Flüssiggas-Anlagen GmbH

The DME dispensers, type FAS . with wet hose system were specially developed for dispensing DME. The advantages include the modern design, low maintenance costs, long service life, high performance, reliability and safety with a good price-performance ratio.

FAS DME dispensers are available in various versions for public and internal use.

Electrical equipment:

  • Electronic price calculator • Protocol according to customer specifications
  • Power pack 230 V AC/50-60 Hz • LCD display

Hydraulic equipment:

  • Design PN 25 • Special Coriolis meter for DME
  • Gas bubble separator • Pressure control valve
  • Diaphragm accumulator • Pipe rupture valve in front of the DME hose
  • DME high-pressure hose • Pressure line connection 1"NPT IG
  • Gas return line connection ¾“NPT IG

DME dispensers for public use are MID compliant.

Dispensers are available in following versions:

  • FAS 120: a counter, a high-pressure hose, a display
  • FAS 220: a meter, a high-pressure hose, a display, "High Must" housing
  • FAS 230: two counters, two high-pressure hoses, two displays, Case "High Must"
  • FAS 430: internal application, a counter, a high-pressure hose, a display