REGO Pressure Builder & Economizer for Cryogenic Cylinder Service

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REGO Cryogenic Pressure Builder RG Series


RG series cryogenic regulators are primarily designed to maintain pressure on cryogenic liquid within cryogenic containers. They may also be used in cryogenic lines, vaporizer and converter applications. They are especially useful in installations where space and cost limitations are important.

Download data sheet REGO Series RG

Executions of the series REGO RG

  • REGO RG022A
  • REGO RG125A
  • REGO RG125C3
  • REGO RG175C3
  • REGO RG300A
  • REGO RG000090AG
REGO Cryogenic Pressure Builder PB Series


PB series cryogenic regulators are primarily designed to maintain the pressure in cryogenic containers; they may also be used as a line regulator for cryogenic lines and cold gas lines. They are specifically useful in installations where the precision in pressure control and flow capability are important. For use with oxygen, nitrogen, argon, LNG and CO2.

Download data sheet REGO Series PB

Executions of the REGO Pressure Builder PB Series

  • REGO PB504-020 bis 070
  • REGO PB504-071 bis 175
  • REGO PB504-176 bis 300
  • REGO PB504-301 bis 550
REGO Cryogenic Economizers ECL502 Series


ECL502 series cryogenic economizers are designed to be used as pressure reducing valves to automatically maintain a constant inlet or back pressure, normally closed at pressures below its set point and open at pressures above its set point. The ECL502 is primarily designed to assist in maintaining a desired system pressure ideal for Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon and other cryogenic cylinder applications with a 100% performance improvement over RegO’s ECLXXX series. ECL502 series offers outstanding performance for maintaining LNG
fuel line pressure.

Download data sheet REGO Economizer Series ECL502

Executions of the series REGO Economizer ECL502

  • REGO ECL502-22
  • REGO ECL502-100
  • REGO ECL502-123
  • REGO ECL502-140
  • REGO ECL502-175
  • REGO ECL502-325
REGO Cryogenic Combination Pressure Builder/Economizer Series CB504, CBH502 & CBC502


REGO CB504 series regulators maintain the pressure of cryogenic liquid within bulk vessels combining the pressure building and economizer function in one unit, with ½” npt inlet and outlet.


The regulator REGO CBH502 & CBC502 combines the function of Pressure Building and Economizer functions in one compact unit. Available in Chart and Taylor-Wharton piping geometries and a variety of pressure ratings.


Download data sheet REGO Series CB504, CBH502 & CBC502

Executions of the series REGO CB504, CBH502 & CBC502

• REGO CB000504-B

• REGO CBH502-015
• REGO CBH502-125
• REGO CBH502-300
• REGO CBH502-315
• REGO CBH502-325
• REGO CBH502-350
• REGO CBC502-015
• REGO CBC502-125
• REGO CBC502-300
• REGO CBC502-325
• REGO CBC502-350