High Pressure Gas Master Valves

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REGO High Pressure Valves Series HP 9560


The HP9560 Series high pressure brass valves are used on cylinder filling panels, tube trailers, and high pressure manifolds and piping systems. The HP9560 Series exhibits a very low operating torque under pressure for ease of manual operation.

Download data sheet REGO Series HP 9560

Executions of the series REGO HP9560

  • REGO HP9560A
  • REGO HP9560B
  • REGO HP9561R
  • REGO HP9561RL
  • REGO HP9561L
  • REGO HP9563R
  • REGO HP9563L
  • REGO HP9560ASE
  • REGO HP9560BSE
  • REGO HP9560BSE-B


  • REGO HP9560CA
  • REGO HP9560CB
  • REGO HP9561CR
  • REGO HP9561CRL
  • REGO HP9561CL
  • REGO HP9563CR
  • REGO HP9563CL
REGO Line Station Valves Series HP 7160


7160 series valves are designed for use with oxygen and all fuel gases at station outlets of line distribution systems such as welder’s benches, cutting stations, hospital rooms, etc.

Download data sheet REGO Series HP 7160

Executions of the series REGO 7160

  • REGO 7160V
  • REGO 7160VL
  • REGO 7161V
  • REGO 7161VL
  • REGO 7164
  • REGO 7160V