Internal Valves

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REGO Internal Valves Serie TA 3217 C & TA 3217 DA


Designed primarily for CO2 filling and/or withdrawal on delivery trucks, transports and stationary storage tanks with flanged pumps or piping. Installation is quick and easy, and the valve may be operated manually by cable or pneumatically.

Lever available on right or left side to allow for installation without the use of an extra pulley.

Download data sheet REGO Series TA 3217 C & TA 3217 DA

Executions of the series REGO TA3217C & TA3217DA

  • REGO TA3217AD160
  • REGO TA3217AD210
  • REGO TA3217AD260
  • REGO TA3217AD410
  • REGO TA3217AD510


  • REGO TA3217DAD160
  • REGO TA3217DAD210
  • REGO TA3217DAD260
  • REGO TA3217DAD410
  • REGO TA3217DAD510