Industrial Compressors

CORKENS highly reliable industrial compressors are used for process gases in the chemical industry, corrosive biogas in waste management and compressed gases in the petrochemical industry. The D-Style oil-free gas compressors have double packing on each piston rod and a single distance piece. The T-style oil-free compressors
utilize three sets of packing per piston rod and two distance pieces.

FAS / CORKEN units are manufactured and delivered in/from our factory in Salzgitter.

Corken’s oil-free compressors are designed specifically for industrial applications and cover a wide area of application for gases.

CORKEN compressors are designed for over 3000 applications and for the following gases:


Ammonia Cyclopropane Hydrogen Cyclohexane
Argon Deuterium Hydrogen Chloride Hydrocarbon gas
Benzene Dimethylamine Isobutane Monomethylamine
Biogas Dimethyl ether Isobutene Natural gas
Butadiene 2,2-dimethylpropane Isobutylene Neon
Bromotrifluoro-Methane Ethane Krypton Nitric oxide
Carbon dioxide Ethyl chloride Methane Nitrous oxide
Carbon monoxide Ethylene Methyl acetylene N-octaine
Carbon tetrachloride Ethylene oxide Methyl bromide Ozone
Carbonyl sulfide Helium Methyl Chloride Phosgene
Chlorodifluoro-Methane N-heptane Methyl mercaptan Propane
Cyanogen N-hexane Monoethlamin Propylene


CFC-11 CFC-502 Sulfur dioxide Vinyl bromide
СFС-12 CFC-503 Sulfur hexafluoride Vinyl fluoride
СFС-13 HCFC-22 Tetrafluoroethylene Vinil chloride
СFС-113 HCFC-141B Trichloroethane Xenon
HFC-134A HFC-152A Trimethylamine and more