CRL SERIES (2"-8")



In response to specific requests from major CO2 marketers for a more durable pump, capable of handling higher working pressures on liquid CO2 service, Blackmer accepted the challenge of designing a pump that would meet or exceed the marketers' specifications. Designed for maximum performance and reliability under the most severe service conditions.

The Blackmer CRLR1.25, CRL1.25 & CRL1.5 pumps, which are part of the Cavitation Line, offer capacities from 5 to 22 U.S. gpm (19 to 83 L/min.), and are ideal for loop systems and low volume transfer applications. The CRL models are designed for foot-mounting to a common baseplate.

The Blackmer CRL2, CRL3 & CRL4 Sliding Vane Pumps are widely used for bulk-transfer and recirculation applications which include industrial and food-processing systems, refrigeration, process plants and transport loading and unloading.