TLGLF 3" - 4"

Application: LPG (liquefied petroleum gas)


Blackmer® TLGLF3 and TLGLF4 truck propane pumps, part of the Cavitation Line of sliding vane pumps, are designed to flange mount directly to a commercial internal control valve, in combination with the tank of a propane bobtail or LPG transport truck, and are ideal for LPG, propane, butane and anhydrous ammonia applications. Direct mounting of the propane transfer pump eliminates the need for inlet pipes, shut-off valve and external strainer, which can restrict flow and cause vaporization problems. The result is smoother operation and longer pump life. These propane pumps also feature cavitation suppression liners that reduce noise, vibration and wear caused by cavitation.

BLACKMER LPG-PUMPS (road tanker design), bare

for positive suction head, with mechanical seal, pump case material ASTM A 536, inlet ASME flange/class 300

Type FAS Nr capacity, l/min max differential pressure, bar connections weight, kg
TLGLF3" 21323 490 10,5 3" ASME/300 / 2x2"NPT 56
TLGLF 3" 21325 490 10,5 3" ASME/300 / 2xweld 63
TLGLF 4" 21326 950 8,6 4" ASME/300 / 2x2"NPT 99
TLGLF 4" 21327 950 8,6 4" ASME/300 / 2xweld 99

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FAS-unit consist of BLACKMER pump, hydraulicadapter, coupling and hydraulicmotor.

TYPE FAS-NR MOTOR, HYDRAULIC connections Oil quantity, l/min Oil pressure, bar
FAS-LGL2E /OM80 21572 OM80, 5 kW 2"NPT 58 100
FAS-LGL2E /OM80 21576 OM80, 5 kW weld ends 2" 58 100
FAS-LGL3F/OM100 21574 OM100, 10kW 3"NPT 60 140
FAS-LGL3F/OM 100 21578 OM100, 10 kW weld ends 3" 60 140